Reviews: Wacom, Heiwa Real Estate, Gecina, CNNC International

Here are the reviews of the stocks introduced before:

The stock rose by 5.46% on Friday and the price is now ¥579. The volume has increased significantly. Goldman Sachs increased their short position by 4th, selling 4.51% of all the issued shares in total. Deutsche Bank also added their position, meaning they’re now being short squeezed.

The issue is that whether this is the buyback of the short sellers or a pure purchase of buyers, but the record of short selling hasn’t been published yet. If the former is the case, we may reduce our position, too, but if the latter is, we can remain bullish. The future buyback of the short sellers is a significant factor to determine the size of the long position.

The rise on 2nd was significant. It’s also up to the purchase price, but the investors joined after the first article should have about 5% profit now. It isn’t highly likely that the property prices fall under the quantitative easing, which means the cheap property companies are a buy. This would only change when the Bank of Japan changed their mind.

The stock rose significantly in the two days after the ECB’s decision of the ease monetary policies. The price is now €110.95, gaining by more than 10% since the first article. Although the best buying opportunity is gone, it’s still reasonably priced than the property companies in Berlin.

Whereas the other countries’ uranium-related firms have been stumbling due to the worries about the restart of Japanese nuclear power reactors, the stock prevented itself from falling and finally started rising. It seems right to have chosen this Chinese uranium miner, avoiding the risks of the Japanese and French affairs of the nuclear reactors. As this is for long-term investment, we just need to be careful for the short-term volatility to hold the position.