Followup: Gecina, CNNC International, Heiwa Real Estate

The following is the reviews of the stocks introduced before:

It has gone up averagely, although it’s still traded at an affordable price. If you bet on the ECB’s financial easing, this will be a better option than selling the euro. We need to note that if the ECB isn’t to start the QE next month, a good opportunity to buy this stock will come again between the next meeting of the ECB and the QE.

Compared with the property companies in Berlin, which have already been very much appreciated, Paris has structural potential for a property boom, as we now see in London, because the companies are concentrated in Paris, although the economic recovery in France in general isn’t as strong as in Germany. It’s also important that if the house prices in London couldn’t go any higher, the investors’ next target would be Paris.

During the fall of other uranium stocks in the world, which happened because the uranium futures had been depreciated, CNNC International has been keeping its stock price. If you compare it to the chart of Global X Uranium miners ETF (NYSEARCA:URA), the relative performance is obvious.

This is because China is the most aggressive country for use of nuclear power, and the number of the nuclear power plants in China indicates the future revenue of this company, whereas there are some worries about the uranium market worldwide. In Japan, some of the reactors couldn’t be restarted if they failed the safety test, and in France several of the reactors are already old, and they could be replaced with other types of electricity generations. In China, however, they can’t avoid nuclear power because they need to replace the coal power plants that have catastrophically been polluting the air there.

The stock is about to leave the range of the low price, which has continued for a while. There isn’t so much to say about the Japanese stock market, except buying cheap stocks to an appropriate amount. The Japanese stock market is very famous for its inefficiency, but there isn’t so many things to do but to buy the cheap and sell the expensive. The investors could be relaxed since there is no need for an immediate judgement unlike the American or European markets.

From an international viewpoint, the British stocks are relatively reasonably priced. Apart from stocks, we’ll soon see interesting opportunities for investment in the Japanese bonds and copper. The price gap between American and European natural gas futures has been reasonably narrowed. Speaking of the appreciated nickel, we will also find strategies when we watch and ponder on how Indonesia eases the ban of the nickel export, but it’s long-term.